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100% Membership Commitment Program

Go all in with 100% Membership Commitment Program

This program recognizes firms, businesses and organizations that have all of their CPAs as members of ISCPA. Participation in the program differentiates your organization by validating that you are committed to:

  • Professional advancement of your staff.
  • Providing high quality expertise to clients, coworkers and teams within your organization.
  • High professional standards.
  • The future of the CPA profession.

Learn more below and take a moment to enroll.

Why be 100%?

Receive concierge-style attention from a dedicated ISCPA staff member to handle your questions. Because each organization has different challenges and unique needs, we touch base with you regularly to provide the most relevant assistance. From professional development to employee recruitment, we'll ensure you have access to the resources most beneficial to your business.


When employees feel supported in their professional development and are a part of a community, they are more likely to stay and grow with your company. Get the latest information, trends and issues in the national and local profession delivered to your staff in-person from ISCPA. This presentation is open to your entire company and will also acquaint new and existing staff with the benefits of Society membership.


Attend the Society's Iowa CPA Day at the Capitol in Des Moines every January, free of charge. Connect with key legislative leaders and make your voice heard when issues affect the CPA profession and business community.

  • Includes 2 hours CPE credit. (members only)

Group membership

Expedite the annual membership renewal process and save time with group billing. You, or the group administrator of your choice, will receive one annual invoice for the entire staff instead of multiple individual invoices. 

  • Includes complimentary professional development skill-building event for group administrator to attend as our guest.

Recruitment and careers

We'll provide in-person guidance to your CPA candidates and other staff to help them navigate the potentially confusing path to CPA licensure or other credentials within the profession. We also ensure you have access to additional resources that are beneficial to your business:

  • Complimentary 30-day ad placement for your full or part-time job openings in ISCPA's Career Center.
    • Organizations with 1-5 ISCPA members: 2 per calendar year.
    • Organizations with 6-10 ISCPA members: 5 per calendar year.
    • Organizations with 11+ ISCPA members: 8 per calendar year.
  • Unlimited internship postings. (Available to all ISCPA members.)
  • Membership materials for recruitment and new hire packet, plus networking, leadership development and professional development opportunities for staff.


Receive special perks of program membership like:

Complimentary use of the ISCPA Enrichment Center between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. The center offers private space for up to 29 people, state of the art technology and kitchenette for catered meals or snacks you provide. (Must schedule in advance, based on availability, limits may apply.)

Discounts on onsite training and CPE quantity discounts. Save money on your organization's continuing education. The more employees attending the same event, the larger the discount. Exclusions apply. See program terms for complete details.

Number of AttendeesDiscount on Registration Fees
100% Membership Commitment Program FAQs

Q. Which firms or businesses are eligible for the program?

A. All types of firms, businesses or organizations with offices in Iowa that employ full-time CPAs are eligible including CPA firms, individual practitioners, private and public companies, nonprofits, local governments, state governmental departments and universities.

Q. Is there a fee?

A. No. There is no special fee to be part of the program outside of annual membership(s).

Q. What are the criteria for inclusion?

A. All full-time CPA employees and partners on staff in the organization’s Iowa offices must be enrolled as members in ISCPA. This will be confirmed annually in conjunction with membership renewal period.

Q. My organization only employs one or two CPAs. Is there a minimum number of CPAs required for eligibility?

A. As long as both CPAs are ISCPA members, your organization is eligible. The minimum number of CPAs to participate is 2. The exception is those who were grandfathered in prior to 2021-22.

Q. My organization has offices in multiple states. Are we eligible for inclusion?

A. Yes. Only CPAs in your Iowa offices are required to be ISCPA members in order for your organization to be eligible.

Q. How do we enroll?

A. Complete and submit the 100% membership commitment form. Contact Lindsey Haley at 515-985-7125 or with questions, or to request a report of current ISCPA members at your company or firm, along with instructions for achieving 100% membership.