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Get involved

Members of ISCPA recognize the impact each person can make on behalf of the profession, their clients and the public. Advocacy simply cannot succeed without member support and participation. When issues directly affect all CPAs in Iowa and/or the nation, it is imperative for members to unite and make our voice heard.

Become a legislative leader

The objective of our Legislative Leader Program is to have members assist the ISCPA during the legislative session when issues arise.
ISCPA will provide the necessary information on topics when needed. If you have a relationship with a legislator or are willing to establish one, please join our efforts.
This program is a grassroots supplement to ISCPA’s governmental affairs efforts in Iowa and in Washington, D.C.

Legislative Leader responsibilities include:

  • Contacting your representatives when “issues” arise by making a call or sending an email
  • Developing a personal constituent relationship
  • Knowing your legislator’s political background, priorities and committees that he or she serves on
  • Providing feedback to ISCPA