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Meet Our Members

This feature spotlights members of ISCPA, their career path and some fun and favorite things about them.

Denny Taylor

Job: Forensic and Valuation Director, TDT CPAs and Advisors PC in Cedar Rapids
Hometown: Mechanicsville
Alma mater: Undergraduate degree in Accounting from Iowa State University, MBA from University of Iowa with an emphasis in finance
Professional/community activities: Past president of the SE Iowa Chapter of ISCPA, past president of Thirty Three Club, past member of the Elks Chanters Men’s Choir

Inspiration to be a CPA: I met Jim Wilson, CPA of Tipton, who became my mentor during college.

If I weren’t a CPA, you might find me: As a civil litigation trial lawyer.

One of your most interesting or unique investigations: I was hired by defendants as a forensic accounting expert in two separate U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigation cases in the Chicago area in which I testified in court for each. I traveled to Atlanta, Tampa and Prescott, Arizona in connection with this work. The SEC alleged in both cases that corporate officers of two publicly traded companies artificially inflated the stock price to financially benefit themselves.

I am passionate about: Numbers and helping people understand what the numbers mean to them to make better decisions. I am especially passionate about forensic accounting as I can apply my auditing, tax, accounting, and communication skills to each challenging engagement.

How has being a member of ISCPA helped you? I enjoyed the opportunity to work with other ISCPA members to improve our profession through the ISCPA’s voluntary peer review process that existed before the AICPA Peer Review Program began.

Your message for young people considering a career as a CPA? Being a CPA makes the world a better place. Many people are number challenged. The CPA profession is very rewarding because you help people understand numbers with the oral and/or written explanation and guidance that you provide. And you can make your career as a CPA whatever you want it to be – auditor, tax expert, consultant, forensic accountant, corporate executive, etc.

Philosophies and principles: Honesty, diligence, and bad numbers do not get better with time.

How has your background and experience shaped who you are today? Growing up on a family farm gave me a work ethic and a business perspective upon which to build my life.

What influences have helped you in life and in work? Mentors including high school teachers, several CPA and attorney colleagues, and my college fraternity, Theta Chi.

Biggest achievement to date: My wife and family – and four grandchildren!

Who would you swap places with for a day and why? David Foster to understand the business side of the music industry.

Secret talent: Discovering forensic relationships between numbers and events.

Three words that describe me best: Diligence, relentlessness, perseverance

People don’t know this about me, but: I am related to Elijah Wood, the “Lord of the Rings” actor.

Favorite quote: “The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax.”–Einstein

First job: Working on the family hog and cattle farm

What I wanted to be when I grew up: Electrical engineer

TV series I’m currently obsessed with: Yellowstone

Favorite food: Lobster

Favorite movie: The Accountant

When I have free time, I like to: Play piano

Last book I read: “Airframe” by Michael Crichton

Favorite vacation spot: Any beach on Maui

Best vacation: Rhine River cruise–Amsterdam to Basil, Switzerland


Favorite app: Apple Music

Place I’d love to live: Florence, Italy

If I were famous, I’d want to be famous for: Singing a “one hit wonder”

Favorite musician: Billy Joel

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