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PAC Foundation Contribution

The Iowa CPA’s Political Action Committee (ICPA/PAC) is people working together to improve our profession. ICPA/PAC’s goal is to establish the accounting profession as a concerned, involved political constituency. With members' support, the ICPA/PAC gives us the ability to better achieve our annual legislative agenda. Note - only members of the Society are solicited for contributions. Website login is required to complete payment.


Before you decide whether or not to support ICPA/PAC, consider the following questions.

I already contribute to the candidates or party of my choice. Why should I also support ICPA/PAC?
You should continue to contribute to the candidates and party of your choice. But ICPA/PAC provides you the opportunity to have a state wide impact on the election of candidates who will shape the legislation and laws that affect our lives, businesses, and the accounting profession.

Why does ICPA/PAC need me?
Because we’re all in this together. Consider your contribution this way: It’s one part of the rent you pay for the space you occupy in a regulated profession. When you contribute, you support quality legislators and, therefore, the quality of legislation which controls your livelihood.

Who decides which candidates ICPA/PAC supports?
The CPAs who voluntarily serve on the ISCPA Legislation Committee are responsible for establishing policy and determining how ICPA/PAC will spend the funds you and other CPAs contribute. These individuals are available for suggestions from ICPA/PAC supporters.

Does ICPA/PAC support Democrats or Republicans?
Both. ICPA/PAC is nonpartisan in its selection of candidates to support. A party label is only one factor considered. The record, program and quality of each candidate determine who gets ICPA/PAC support.

Is ICPA/PAC legal?
Yes! ICPA/PAC has been in existence for a number of years and is in full compliance with the law at all levels. PACs have been authorized by an Act of Congress.

Is ICPA/PAC secret?
No! Make no mistake, most candidates and office holders are honorable people whose votes are not for sale. ICPA/PAC contributes to candidates who are knowledgeable and fair, and who will at least listen to the accounting profession’s point of view.

I already pay dues to the Iowa Society of CPAs. Isn’t that enough?
The law prohibits the use of ISCPA membership dues for contributions to political candidates. Funds to be used for contributions to candidates for the Iowa General Assembly must be raised in addition to your ISCPA dues.

How can I make a contribution?
Contributions may be made at the time of paying annual membership dues. The dues statement provides the option of making a voluntary PAC contribution. Or, you may send your contribution directly to ICPA/PAC, 1415 28th Street, Suite 450, West Des Moines, IA 50266. Contributions may be made by personal check. Partnership checks are acceptable but each partner’s share of the total contribution must be indicated. Corporate checks cannot be accepted.