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Accounting Opportunities Experience

Accounting Opportunities Experience is coming November 2023. Share your experience and excitement about the profession with students in high schools across Iowa.

Boost the pipeline and inspire future CPAs

We need ISCPA members to make this a huge success! ISCPA is promoting Accounting Opportunities Experience, a collaboration between state CPA societies and the AICPA to raise awareness of accounting career opportunities among high school students.

CPAs, CPA candidates, and accounting majors are needed to visit local high schools to speak with high school students about the best part of their career journey, what an average day looks like, how they use their skills to solve problems, and what to expect in college. Ready to volunteer? Please complete this short form or email Natalie at today!

What to expect

  • A PowerPoint presentation for your customization.
  • Scheduled presentation(s) based on your availability.
  • Volunteers will indicate their preferred delivery (virtual or in person).
  • Register for training.
  • Talking points and helpful information will be available for download.
  • After your presentation(s), please take a moment to complete a brief survey to help ISCPA track the impact we're collectively making!

Do you have high school connections?

Help ISCPA reach more schools and students by sharing this initiative with your local high schools, teachers and administrators. We're happy to handle the details if you initiate the introductions. Contact Natalie Harwood at


Many students are making career decisions before they enter college. Now, more than ever, it’s important to share with high school students the opportunities available with a career in accounting. The best way to do that is for them to hear from CPAs.