Be an Onsite Coordinator

Earn Cash or attend free

The ISCPA CPE Department needs members to serve as administrators at ISCPA-sponsored courses outside of the Des Moines area. The coordinator is responsible for onsite administration of the program, since an ISCPA staff member will not be present. Specific duties include:

  • Greet participants assist with sign in.
  • Inspect and make arrangements for any necessary classroom changes.
  • Confirm break and lunch schedule with facility staff.
  • Distribute, collect and return evaluations, sign-in sheets and extra materials to the ISCPA Office.
  • Coordinators will receive detailed instructions of their duties.

Compensation for the coordinator will be a free registration or direct compensation of $150 per day per eight-hour course or $75 per four-hour course. Direct compensation will be sent after the course has taken place and duties have been fulfilled.

Download the Onsite Coordinator Form.