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This feature spotlights members of ISCPA, their career path, and some fun and favorite things about them. These siblings all followed a path to CPA careers and are with one firm.

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Patrick Meyer

Patrick MeyerI was inspired to be a CPA: I have two aunts that have been pretty vocal advocates for the CPA profession so I would say Patti Bell and Julie Meyer Kroll probably get that honor.

First job as a youth: Briefly delivered newspapers before several years delivering Paul Revere’s pizza and breadsticks. Everyone loved the breadsticks.

Your message for young people considering a career as a CPA: The CPA opens doors to a lot of different types of organizations and is basically a universal qualification wherever you go. Plus, we are a lot more fun than the stereotype.

How has being a member of ISCPA helped you? The greatest benefit has been the people I’ve met. I started in a smaller CPA office and the Society was a way for me to meet other people in different phases of their career. Then getting involved with ISCPA committees gave me opportunities to lead a group of my peers by serving as chair.

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the profession? The remote work was definitely a huge change for a lot of us recently, but also something I think you might see a lot more of because it was more efficient than many thought possible.

Philosophies and principles toward work and life: My kids are only going to be home for a short time (hopefully), so I coach their teams, attend their band concerts, and get to almost everything they do. It may not always make everyone else happy, but it is the most important job I have.

What is your biggest achievement to date? I’m not sure if it is the biggest achievement, but it is definitely the longest achievement. In June, I completed the Des Moines Half Ironman after a year of delays. For someone who had never done a 5K before signing up, it was a major stretch goal. Some people at work were wanting to do it, but I wasn’t super interested. Then I learned Ironman has a program with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation to raise funds. With my son having Crohn’s, I felt like I was getting a nudge in the direction that I needed to take on the challenge. Essentially, I trained for a race to take place in June of 2020, was postponed, then trained again for a race in June of 2021. I finished the race and raised over $3,000 for Crohn’s research.

Who you'd swap places with for a day and why: Joe Buck because he might have the best job ever.

Currently obsessed with tv: The Olympics – who doesn’t wake up at 4 a.m. to watch gold medal wrestling, softball, or baseball games?

Favorite app: Mozzarella sticks – may not be the answer expected, but still true.

I’d want to be famous for: Calling a World Series winning home run by the Chicago Cubs.

People don’t know this about me, but: I was a judge for the Hardacre Film Festival in Tipton.

Most memorable face palm moment: Being a Raiders fan when I was young. I blame Bo Jackson.

Currently watching on your device: Hamilton

Something important to you outside of work? I led youth group for several years at church and still try to help out where I can.

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What I wanted to be when I grew up: Anything that had to do with sports.

I never leave home without: My phone.

Favorite food: I could eat pizza for every meal.

Best concert: Garth Brooks.
I am passionate about: I’m a big fan of sports.

Favorite vacation spot: I want to visit all of the MLB stadiums, so any of those cities.

Favorite band: Eric Church lately, but next week it could be 90’s rap.

Go-to karaoke song: Anything from Friends in Low Places to Ice Ice Baby.

Fictional family I’d like to be a member of: The Incredibles.

Secret or special talent: I can ripstick.

Patrick, his wife Jenn, and children Caleb and Bailey live in Bondurant with their two dogs and cat.