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This feature spotlights members of ISCPA, their career path, and some fun and favorite things about them. These siblings all followed a path to CPA careers and are with one firm.

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Patrick McConnell

McConnell familyFavorite quote: “Why put off for tomorrow what could get done today.” It is a quote that I believe Benjamin Franklin originally said, but at work I like to quote that and reference Toby Keith as the person who said it in his song “My List.” As an auditor I should be focused on accuracy, but Toby Keith is underrated as an inspirational source, so I feel I need to give him the credit.

What is your biggest achievement to date? My wife and I have adopted four children. Becoming a family wasn’t an easy path for us but we have been incredibly blessed by birth parents giving us the opportunity to create a family. I am very proud of how my family has come together with the help of so many people – the birth families, our families supporting us and RSM providing adoption benefits.

I was inspired to be a CPA because: My older sister went into public accounting and was a CPA and I saw the great career path. Once I got into public accounting, the work was hard, but I have loved the people I work with as co-workers and clients.

What are some of your philosophies and principles toward work and life? The biggest philosophy that I operate under is to value your time. Make sure to be productive when at work and focus on work, and when I am home with my family that is my focus. It can be hard to do in this day in age with technology, but it is something that I aim for.

What is your favorite thing about your job? No day is ever the same. My job keeps me on my toes with new clients, new transactions, new accounting rules and new challenges overall.

What message do you have for kids about a career as a CPA? Nothing is guaranteed in life, but job security is pretty close to a guarantee if you become a CPA.

Some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the profession: People – the world needs more CPAs. If you want a fast-pace exciting job, then become a CPA.

People don’t know this about me: I dunked in a basketball game once. Not all CPA’s can jump, but at one point in my life I could.

Favorite vacation spot: We have taken the kids to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina two summers. My youngest two children were born in North Carolina, so we like to get out there and we are even brave enough to drive from Iowa.

My hero: My parents. They were always people I looked up to and it increased once I became a parent. Once you become a parent you start to realize how much they sacrificed and everything they did for you.

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First job: Grocery clerk.

What I wanted to be when I grew up: Garbage man.

If I weren't a CPA, you might find me: Coaching.

Community activities: Board member of Easter Seals of Iowa, youth coach for baseball, basketball and soccer.

Last book I read: Numerous children’s books, a fair amount of them that rhyme.

I never leave home without: A positive attitude.

I am passionate about: My family.

When I have free time, I prefer to: Spend time with friends and family. I also dabbled in a pickleball league this year just to prove that I am getting old.

Favorite food: Cookies – they aren’t necessarily a key to a balanced diet, but they are crucial to surviving busy season.

Favorite movie: Man on Fire.

Favorite app: Google Maps – hard to believe I could ever navigate through life without my phone telling me I took a wrong turn.

Special talent: Well, as I noted before, I did dunk a basketball in a game once. My co-workers sometimes doubt this fact so I think putting it in print will really solidify that it happened.

Patrick and his wife Kristy reside in Clive with their children Nolan (7), Landon (6), Jordyn (4) and Jackson (2).