Go all in with 100% Membership Commitment Program

This program recognizes firms, businesses and organizations that have all of their CPAs as members of ISCPA.

Organizations at this level convey to their clients, staff and colleagues that they have made a significant commitment to the CPA profession.

Through participation in the 100% Membership Commitment Program you will:

  • Differentiate your firm or organization as fully committed to providing the highest level of expertise to clients, co-workers and teams within your organization.
  • Validate your firm’s or business’s dedication to high professional standards.
  • Express your commitment to the professional advancement of your staff.

100% membership benefits:

  • Your CPAs attend Iowa CPA Day at the Capitol for free, and will be invited to attend a complimentary small group legislative reception after the event.
  • Recognition on iacpa.org and in Iowa CPA.
  • Recognition at the ISCPA Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting and other major events.
  • A unique seal signifying that your organization is part of the program. Use the seal on your organization’s website and to recruit staff and clients.
  • More benefits coming!

100% Membership Commitment Program FAQs

Q. Which firms or businesses are eligible for the program?

A. All types of firms, businesses or organizations with offices in Iowa that employ full-time CPAs are eligible including CPA firms, individual practitioners, private and public companies, Big Four accounting firms, nonprofits, local governments, state governmental departments and universities.

Q. Is there a fee?

A. No. There is no fee to enroll.

Q. What are the criteria for inclusion?

A. All full-time CPA employees and partners on staff in the organization’s Iowa offices must be enrolled as members in ISCPA.

Q. My organization only employs one or two CPAs. Is there a minimum number of CPAs required for eligibility?

A. No, there is no minimum required.

Q. My organization has offices in multiple states. Are we eligible for inclusion?

A. Yes. Only CPAs in your Iowa offices are required to be ISCPA members in order for your organization to be eligible.

Q. How do we enroll?

A. Complete and submit the 100% Membership Commitment form. Contact Lindsey Haley at 515-985-7125 or lhaley@iacpa.org with questions.