CPA Awards

ISCPA honors the achievements and success of our members by presenting the following awards.

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes an Iowa CPA who has provided exceptional dedication and service to the Iowa Society of CPAs, and made outstanding contributions to the accounting profession.

The Public Service Award recognizes an Iowa CPA who has exhibited a distinguished record of personal commitment to community, charitable, civic, and public service activities, and enhanced the professional image of CPAs.

The Outstanding CPA in Business & Industry Award recognizes the achievements of an Iowa CPA in business and industry who promotes the CPA designation as the definitive professional credential for financial managers in business, industry, education and government.

The Outstanding Committee Chair Award recognizes an ISCPA member for their outstanding leadership and contributions as the chair of an ISCPA committee.

The Rising Star Award recognizes up and coming ISCPA members (defined as members age 40 and under) for their service to the Iowa Society of CPAs, civic or charitable organizations and/or other professional associations.

The Capstone Award is presented annually to individuals who successfully completed the final part of the CPA exam and were the top four scorers among Iowa candidates.

Month of Service Awards

The Community Impact Award recognizes an individual and a team for outstanding dedication to community by positively impacting the lives of a specific population segment or group in need.

The Community Spirit Award recognizes an individual and a team for exemplary dedication across their community through commitment of time and resources.

Distinguished Service

1978 Leo E. Burger, Roger R. Cloutier
1981 David F. Wentworth, Paul D. Kealy, Jerry J. Perpich, Harry B. Carlson
1982 Edward F. Volberding, W. J. Hunzelman, Albert A. Augustine
1983 Clair J. Galloway, A. E. Iverson
1984 Lloyd R. Bock
1985 Donald R. Denman
1986 Donald W. Brown
1987 Ruth E. Kuney, George A. Olsen
1989 Sheldon S. Sitrick
1990 Elleroy C. Nichols
1991 Robert J. Alexander
1992 Maurice T. Breen
1993 Kenneth A. Putzier
1994 Gaylon L. Halverson
1995 Harlan L. Gronewold
1996 Larry F. Mosebach
1997 Daryl K. Henze
1998 John C. Cain
1999 Eugene E. Joerger
2000 Michael F. Cooney III
2001 Donald J. Brush
2002 G. Rusty Goode
2003 William R. Cook
2004 Scott R. Nelson
2005 Robert W. Snodgrass
2006 Robert W. Williams
2007 Gary L. Carlson
2008 James L. Kidder
2009 Jamie L. Ward
2010 Tom R. Thompson
2011 Alan F. Fletcher
2012 Jerry D. Woods
2013 Joseph A. Bouska
2014 Telford A. Lodden
2015 Michael A. Scheuermann
2016 Julie Meyer Kroll
2017 Alan D. Ryerson
Kirk L. Tibbetts
2018 Paul J. Jennings
2019 Jerry L. Murphy
2020 Stephen V. Marlow
2021 David A. Vaudt

Public Service

1982 Fred W. Marold
1983 Robert V. Williams
1984 George A. Olsen
1985 Frank R. Barth
1987 Donald J. Brush
1989 Arnold N. Honkamp
1990 Johnny A. Danos
1991 Milton E. Aunan II
1992 John C. Botkin
1993 Donald C. Timmins
1994 Duane G. Tiemens
1995 Robert M. Heaton
1996 Tom R. Thompson
1997 Sheldon Rabinowitz
1998 Robert W. Williams
1999 Alan F. Fletcher
2000 Suku V. Radia
2001 John D. Morrow
2002 Julie M. Kroll
2003 Thomas G. Schnurr
2004 Kenneth W. Furst
2005 Kathleen M. Strum
2006 Al K. Kaduce
2007 Kirk L. Tibbetts
2008 Josef M. Vich
2009 Steven E. Zumbach
2010 Jeffrey G. Knapp
2011 Danny D. Skokan
2012 Stephen M. Lacy
2013 David A. Vaudt
2014 Kip J. Albertson
2015 Donald K. Kemp
2016 Henry B. Tippie
2017 Joseph A. Bouska
2018 Thea (Ted) H. Oberlander
2019 Andrew E. Nielsen
2020 Christine M. Drahos
2021 Rodney A. Meendering

Outstanding CPA in Business and Industry

1994 E. H. Creese
1995 John D. DeVries
1996 Robert W. Murray
1997 Arthur L. Christoffersen
1998 Patrick S. Baird
1999 Paul E. Larson
2000 Jerry L. Chicoine
2001 Craig A. Petermeier
2002 Wesley D. Jordan
2003 Stephen M. Lacy
2004 Joanne L. Stockdale
2005 Jean M. Trainor
2006 Jerry D. Woods
2007 James W. Noyce
2008 Cara K. Heiden
2009 Brenda J. Cushing
2010 Edward T. Berg
2011 Douglas M. Hultquist
2012 Labh S. Hira
2013 Suku V. Radia
2014 Sarah J. Roy
2015 James P. Brannen
2016 Angela R. Sanders
2017 Diane C. Bridgewater
2018 Paul R. Francis
2019 Ellen A. Willadsen
2020 Donald J. Seibel
2021 Kevin C. Banwart

Outstanding Committee Chairs

1981 Burton E. Tracy
Continuing Professional Education
1982 Darl P. Hatfield
Central States*
1983 Doug Shull

Richard G. Luse
Members in Industry, Education & Government*
1984 G. Rusty Goode
1985 Zeph Telpner
Continuing Professional Education
1986 William R. Cook
Auditing Standards & Accounting Principles*

Russell J. Petersen
Quality Review (now Peer Review)
1987 J. Larry Griffith
Competence Aid*

Donald R. Denman
Ad Hoc Professional Liability*
1988 Robert T. Huettl
Public & Professional Relations
1989 Dean R. Wenthe
Federal Taxation (now Taxation)
1990 Sheryl L. Eakins
Federal Taxation (now Taxation)
1990 Telford A. Lodden
75th Anniversary*
1991 William E. Caldbeck
Public & Professional Relations
1992 James A. Egerton
Practice Review

Jeffrey F. Strawhacker
Federal Taxation (now Taxation)
1993 Paul A. Juffer
Education (now Career Awareness)

Jerry D. Woods
Public & Professional Relations
1994 Curtis E. Brand
Federal Taxation (now Taxation)
1995 Jack D. Wahlig
Strategic Planning*
1996 Jack C. Ingle
Education (now Career Awareness)

Bruce W. Hartley
Peer Review
1997 Matthew W. Wernli
Public & Professional Relations
1998 Kathleen A. Koenig
Family & Workplace Issues

Mark D. Wackerbarth
Peer Review
1999 Trent S. Olmstead
Public & Professional Relations

Neil W. Schraeder
Governmental Auditing & Accounting
2000 Brent L. Alexander
Information Technology*

Kevin O. Garrett
Practice Review
2001 Jeffrey L. Burnison
Career Awareness

Jerry D. Woods
Insurance Industry
2002 Janice S. Towne
2003 Michael A. Scheuermann
Public & Professional Relations
2004 Phyllis M. Tinker
Career Awareness
2005 Brian P. Hoey
Membership & Member Benefits

Angela K. Wagner
Family & Workplace Issues
2006 Kelley A. Ellis
Public & Professional Relations
2007 Abigail T. Croll
Career Awareness
2008 Patrick J. O’Brien
Peer Review
2009 Kirk L. Tibbetts
Insurance Industry

Lori E. Vander Werff
Public & Professional Relations
2010 Heidi E. Kleve
Career Awareness

Michael A. Scheuermann
Financial Literacy
2011 Michael W. McNichols
Peer Review

Virginia M. Striegel
Exempt Organizations Conference
2012 Emily E. Heeren
Membership & Member Benefits

Denise Pierson
Family & Workplace Issues
2013 Rodney A. Van Genderen
Insurance Industry

Kurt J. Konek
2014 Kevin O. Garrett
Practice Review
2015 Brian K. Newton
Family and Workplace Issues Committee
2016 David A. Farnsworth
100th Anniversary Task Force
2017 Todd E. Thorson
2018 Derick M. Tallman
Career Awareness Committee
2019 Joel C. Anderson
Legislation Committee
2020 Andrew Oswalt
2021 Angela K. Reed

Rising Stars

2013 David A. Farnsworth
Patrick A. Meyer
2014 Brian E. Aronson
Conrad M. Hanson
2015 Carrie A. Kruse
Joshua L. Sherer
2016 Amanda L. Lane
Stefanie E. Lovin
2017 Joel C. Anderson
Christopher N. Yuska
2018 Tyler C. Gerstandt
Jaclyn M. Mahler
2019 Amina Nuhanovic
2020 Abigail T. Croll
David A. Wall

Jenna K. Day
Matthew D. Kelderman
William H. Nolte III

Month of Service
Community Impact Award

2017 Brian J. Sweeney, Individual
Williams & Company PC, Team
2018 Carrie A. Kruse, Individual
Kroese & Kroese PC, Team
2019 Lou Ann Murphy, Individual
Morningside College Accounting Club, Team
2020 David Koch, Individual
2021 Cheryl A. Stoller, Individual
Williams & Company PC, Estherville, Team

Month of Service
Community Spirit Award

2017 Lisa A. Calvert, Individual
Winther Stave & Co LLP, Team
2018 Joann C. Tucker, Individual
Williams & Company PC, Team
2019 Amy R. Powell, Individual
McGowen Hurst Clark & Smith PC, Team
2020 Tyler Van Surksum, Individual
Morningside College Accounting Club, Team
2021 Bruce R. Schmiedlin, Individual
Denman & Company LLP, Team