Taking the Numb Out of Numbers: Explaining and Presenting Financial Information with Confidence and Clarity

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If you’re like most financial professionals, you are “cursed with knowledge” and a comfort with numbers, spreadsheets, financial reports, tax codes, and investment models that collectively add up to a virtual foreign language to others who don’t possess a similar knowledge base. Because of this, you may have a hard time connecting with the very people who need your help the most - your clients or your colleagues. It’s a challenge you must overcome, an impasse you cannot simply shrug off. You need to talk to your stakeholders about the numbers; you need for them to understand.

You can’t change the numbers themselves; they are true and vital and, to a financial professional like you, beautiful and reassuring. What you can do is change your delivery when presenting financial information and bring those numbers to life! Learn how to use financial storytelling, data visualization and PowerPoint as an aid, not as a crutch, and your audience will understand what your sharing with greater clarity.


  • Communications
  • Personal Development

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CPAs and accounting professionals


  • Control your anxieties - learn tips to help calm your nerves and increase your confidence.
  • Craft your story - learn the art of powerful storytelling to share complex information.
  • Connect with your audience - discover how you can engage people and create interactive conversations.
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Peter Margaritis

Show Bio

During the past 30 years in business Peter has managed, recruited, developed, hired and even fired individuals – He's developed successful teams. He has sold products ranging from bank loans to corporate incentive certificates. In addition, he has created compensation matrixes; analyzed financial statements; designed and delivered accounting and professional skills courses. As a speaker and trainer he has delivered hundreds of seminars, conferences, workshops, and keynotes on both technical and non-technical topics to clients that include Fortune 500 companies, large and national regional accounting firms, state CPA associations and the American Institute of CPAs. His credentials include a BA from University of Kentucky and a Master’s in Accounting from Case Western Reserve University.

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