Planning and Strategy Formulation for Your Organization's Financial Success (VIRTUAL SEMINAR)

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  • Management


Experience in financial management of a small or midsize company

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CFOs, controllers and finance professionals


Often thought of as a painful process, planning and strategy formulation is probably one of the most important processes any organization undertakes in order to achieve financial success. This course will present a fresh approach to planning and strategy formulation for your organization. Presented by Art Pulis, a favorite instructor of many Iowa participants.


  • Differences between planning and budgeting
  • Building change into the planning process
  • The business model
  • Strategic plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Financial forecasting
  • Financial risk analysis
  • Five-year operating plan
This event has been canceled. If you have any questions or concerns related to this event give us a call at 515-223-8161.


Arthur G. Pulis

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Professional with 26 years experience in finance and banking. Experienced in management and marketing. Consultant for the finance and banking industry. Served as executive vice president of a major finance company. Named an Outstanding Instructor by the AICPA in 1991. A dynamic continuing education leader with more than a decade of speaking experience.

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