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  • This conference will only be available via live webcast. 
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  • Accounting & Auditing
  • Business Management & Organization
  • Ethics
  • Specialized Knowledge
  • Technology
  • Taxation

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CPAs and financial professionals working in or with insurance industry organizations.


To provide the latest information on current issues affecting the insurance industry.

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June 22, 2021

8:00am - 8:10am (Central Time)
8:10am - 8:40am (Central Time)

Des Moines, Iowa is a hub of the insurance industry with over 80 companies calling the city it’s home. Des Moines is also headquarters to the Global Insurance Accelerator, host to 43 startup companies. The beginning of the insurance industry in Iowa can be attributed to the arrival of F.M. Hubbell in Iowa in the 1850s. Hubbell’s power and influence in real estate, the railroad and other enterprises played a central role in the expanding commerce of Iowa cities. In 1855, he founded Iowa’s first insurance company, Equitable of Iowa Insurance Company. Join us as we take a look back at some of the historical events leading up to the start of one of Iowa’s leading industries. In addition, throughout today’s virtual event, in between sessions you will have the opportunity to view a number of unique historical relics relating to the insurance industry.

Lynne Flater, CPA | Fidelity & Guaranty Life

8:40am - 9:00am (Central Time)

Join Iowa Insurance Commissioner Doug Ommen for an update on current issues at the Iowa Insurance Division.

Doug Ommen, J.D. | Iowa Insurance Division

9:10am - 10:00am (Central Time)

Divided government often refers to the policy differences that exist between Republicans and Democrats. In reality, the policy battles that play out within each party can play an outsized role in defining what is achievable in our narrowly divided legislative environment. Chris Payne, vice president and head of government relations at Principal, will discuss how these intraparty fights will disproportionately impact the legislative agenda that will play out in Washington over the next two years. 

Chris Payne | Principal Financial Group

Select One and Only One
10:10am - 11:05am (Central Time)

Process intelligence is a growing platform in the market place designed to empower businesses to monitor, understand, optimize and predict business processes of any type, including unstructured processes by collecting data from multiple applications and systems.

Mike Courtney and Marlene Dailey | RSM US LLP

10:10am - 11:05am (Central Time)

This session will cover recent tax developments and their impact on the insurance industry.

Tom Wheeland, CPA, J.D and Brandy Shy, CPA, M.Acc | BKD LLP

Select One and Only One
11:10am - 12:05pm (Central Time)

Join Iowa life insurance company experts focused on targeted improvements to the accounting for long-duration contracts. Discussion will focus on real-world examples of how companies have been progressing towards implementation and challenges encountered along the way.

Melanie Catlett | Athene
Ariane Pollack, CPA (moderator) PwC
Holly Vos, CPA, CMA | Principal Financial Group

11:10am - 12:05pm (Central Time)

As is the case with much of the rest of the world, the NAIC has continued its activities virtually.  Has your company been able to keep up with the changes?  The Blanks Working Group has finalized the 2021 Annual Statements, the 2021 Risk-Based Capital formulas have some changes, and the Statutory Accounting Principles Working Group continues to work on accounting issues. This session will provide updates for your company’s planning process, as well as provide information on items that may be pending. Be the one in your organization that is current with the ever-changing environment of the insurance industry.

Connie Jasper Woodroof, FLMI | CJW Associates

11:10am - 12:05pm (Central Time)

The effects of the pandemic on the insurance industry will continue to linger in the coming years. Senior management will have the challenge of dealing with a remote workforce, persistent low interest rates, pending commercial litigation, and the increased digital needs of their customers throughout the recovery, all while effectively managing their capital base.  In this session, I will first explore the current state of the economy and how insurers have managed capital through the pandemic. Second, I will walk through potential recovery scenarios and how they may impact the outlook for the industry. Finally, I will illustrate a few targeted strategies of how insurers can thrive through the recovery and optimize the deployment of their capital.

David Mamane, FCIA, FCAS | RSM Canada

12:35pm - 1:30pm (Central Time)

After a year like no other, learn how these leaders persevered through the pandemic and learned from the challenges presented. Discussion will focus on risk management, key lessons learned and future outlooks.

Scott Haugh, FSA, MAAA | American Enterprise
Brent Mardis, ASA, MAAA | Sammons Financial Group
Angie Sanders, CPA, MAcc, CGMA | Principal
Steve Shaffer | Homesteaders Life

1:35pm - 2:30pm (Central Time)

Learn insights and leading practices on evolving cybersecurity governance and oversight issues. Hear how cybersecurity risk has changed in the last 18 months, board cyber governance developments and the impact of digital transformation on the integration and oversight expectations for cybersecurity risk management. 

Meg Anderson | Principal and Chuck Seets | EY

2:40pm - 3:35pm (Central Time)

Why do good people make unethical decisions? More importantly, how can we avoid making unethical decisions when circumstances cloud our judgment? Learn to explore your own ethical fluidity, why good people make bad decisions and create your personal ethical decision-making model to help guide your ethical decisions.

Jeff Kluever | Robert D. Ray and Billie Ray Center, Drake University

3:45pm - 4:45pm (Central Time)

This fast-paced session allows attendees to learn about exciting technology innovations from InsurTech startups in the Global Insurance Accelerator (GIA). Founded in 2014 and based out of Des Moines, IA, the GIA is a mentor-driven business accelerator designed to foster innovation in the insurance industry by supporting insurtech startups targeting the global insurance industry. The accelerator provides startups with guidance to find product-market fit while doing customer discovery faster than they could do on their own. This session, which is loosely based on the popular “Shark Tank” TV show format and fueled by the explosion of InsurTech innovation, puts InsurTech entrepreneurs front and center on a (virtual) stage, vying for validation from session attendees AND our own panel of "sharks"! Audience members will hear pitches and ask tough questions before making mock investments into the teams and technologies found most viable, feasible and applicable to the problems facing today's insurance industry. Find out which InsurTechs attract the most investment dollars!

Moderators: Nicole Gunderson, Global Insurance Accelerator | Jim Loggins | EY

The featured startups include:

GIA 2021
Sourabh Khan, Founder and CEO
Vaartani enables insurers to efficiently underwrite general liability and product liability insurance policies for eCommerce businesses on Amazon and other marketplaces. With just a business name, our proprietary artificial intelligence solution provides underwriting insights on all products sold by eCommerce businesses.

GIA 2020
Candice Smith, Founder and CEO
Caregiven's white labeled engagement platform enables insurance and financial services providers to deliver real-time, curated guidance to families managing the care for an aging or ailing loved-one.  Through its intuitive mobile software, Caregiven engages all stakeholders involved in the planning and delivery of care resulting in better health and financial outcomes while underscoring the value of their provider relationship. 

GIA 2018
Sonny Patel, Founder and CEO
Insurmi's A.I. assistant, Violet, helps insurance providers capture more leads online, streamline claims, and deliver excellent customer support through conversational A.I.

GIA 2017
LeX Tan, CEO and Founder
MotionsCloud helps property and vehicle insurance companies to streamline and automate inspection processes using computer vision technologies. With AI computer vision technologies and user-friendly policyholder interfaces, MotionsCloud evaluates the property and vehicle inspection based on images sent by policyholder/claimant and generates an assessment of damage severity and treatment. MotionsCloud cuts up to 75% of claims processing cost and leakages, plus improves customer claims experiences. Currently, serving clients in the US, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Southeast Asia.