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  • Bring a calculator.
  • IMPORTANT: ISCPA CPE course manuals are now all paperless. No printed copies will be distributed onsite. eMaterials will be available to download 5-7 days prior to the course in the My CPE Tracker section of the ISCPA website. Learn more here.


The CFO Series features high-quality education presented by financial management veterans in an interactive, executive level approach.


  • Accounting
  • Ethics
  • Management
  • Personal Development


Management experience helpful

Designed For

CPAs, CFOs, controllers and auditors.


Leadership skills are critical for CFOs and financial leaders and are often the difference between success and failure. Learn leadership and communication skills as well as how to build trust with your team.


Tell Me a Story: Become a Memorable Speaker

Everyone enjoys a good story.  Stories create mental pictures, stimulate critical thinking and provide concrete examples of theoretical concepts. Learn to become a memorable speaker who can move, motivate and lead others through the craft of storytelling. Don’t just simply relay your financial results. Discover how to mesmerize your company’s audiences in a way that makes it easy for them to come away motivated for action that can improve their bottom-line. Remember, if the audience didn’t get the message, you probably delivered it in an unmemorable way! Boost your business communication effectiveness through the medium of storytelling.

Heartfelt Leadership: How Ethical Leaders Build Trusting Organizations

Leaders provide the culture, environment, values and incentives that foster and encourage change. Most importantly, great leaders create environments of trust that allow employees to challenge, innovate and work as teams. In a rapidly changing world, heartfelt leaders build great organizations. Understand the qualities of a great leader and find out how you can become a great and heartfelt leader no matter your title or place in an organization.

8 Attributes of Successful People

What makes someone successful? What do they do differently? The answer is - a lot. Successful people have a plan that we all can follow. This session will review the steps and actions successful people take and how we all can become more successful! If you want to succeed and hate to fail, this session is for you.

Accounting Reimagined: The Future of the Profession

In a world of too much constantly changing information, the challenge for financial professionals is how to provide the right amount of information at the right time and in the right way. How can we create truly innovative finance departments? Learn a few simple steps you can take now to create a 21st century finance department, which will add true value to your company.

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John F. Levy

Show Bio

John F. Levy is the CEO of Board Advisory, a firm that assists public companies, or companies aspiring to be public, with corporate governance, compliance, financial reporting and financial strategies. He has nine years’ experience with three large public accounting firms and served as CFO of both public and private companies. John currently sits on the boards of three public companies and three nonprofits, serving as chair of one company and audit committee chair of another. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

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