Excel Bootcamp: Building Great Spreadsheets (Bring Your Laptop)

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Special Notes

Bring your own laptop with Excel pre-installed to practice the concepts presented during class.


  • Technology


Good understanding of Excel.

Designed For

Excel users who want to create accurate spreadsheets and analyze data using Excel


Whether you are relatively new to the accounting industry or have been around for a number of years, there is a good chance that you are developing your Excel spreadsheets the hard way and leaving them susceptible to errors and omissions of important data. This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of good spreadsheet design that will increase your accuracy and efficiency when creating Excel spreadsheets. You will also learn how to perform powerful data analysis using Excel.


  • Bring your own laptop with Excel pre-installed to practice the concepts presented during class.
  • Building your spreadsheets for maximum efficiency and accuracy.
  • The most popular functions and formulas; using advanced functions.
  • How to audit your spreadsheets to detect errors in formula logic.
  • How to analyze your data with PivotTables and Excel's Power BI Tools.
  • Tools for presenting your spreadsheets in a meaningful way.
  • Tools to make your spreadsheets more professional in appearance.
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Bryan L. Smith

Show Bio

Bryan is the co-founder of CPA Crossings, LLC, (est. 2001), which specializes in helping accounting, tax and financial professionals to leverage technology to increase the quality and efficiency of their services. Bryan’s primary qualification is his understanding of the business side of technology which allows him to help CPAs bridge the gap between business and technology. He has extensive knowledge and experience in proper Excel design techniques as well as helping CPAs build spreadsheets that are accurate and allow for better data analysis. As a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Bryan has spent a considerable amount of time auditing and validating thousands of Excel spreadsheets. Bryan is responsible for CPA Crossings’ Data Analysis practice area, where he has developed various data analysis and Microsoft Power BI courses. He also provides coaching services to various organizations to train and coach staff on proper data analysis techniques and how to use Power BI to enhance data analysis within their organization.

Some of Bryan’s key accomplishments include: More than 30 years in the implementation of technology to automate business processes. Nationally recognized speaker and author on technology issues affecting the CPA profession, with an emphasis on IT security, Excel spreadsheet design and Business Intelligence (BI). Master of Science in Information Assurance Member of the Information System Audit and Control Association Past Chair, Michigan Association of CPAs Information Technology Task Force Past Chair, Michigan Association of CPAs Leadership Task Force

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