Bitcoin - What You Should Know About This Digital Currency

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard about this intriguing new concept of a digital currency called Bitcoin. This is a virtual online payment system that started as an idea back in 2009 and has nearly 17 million Bitcoins in circulation worldwide in early 2018. So what is Bitcoin? How does it work? What should I know about it? These are questions that we will answer so you can better understand the implication of digital currency on your firm and your clients.


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Anyone curious about Bitcoin


Upon completion of this course you will have learned:

  1. What Bitcoin is all about
  2. How Bitcoin transactions work
  3. The pitfalls and risks of Bitcoin


The topics that will be covered in this course include:

  • What is Bitcoin? How does it work? Who controls it?
  • A step-by-step review of the Bitcoin transaction process will be presented.
  • Overview of legal issues related to Bitcoin.
  • Why merchants are beginning to accept Bitcoin for payment.



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John H. Higgins

Show Bio

John Higgins is a strategic adviser to CPAs and the CPA profession in all aspects of leveraging technology. He has authored and presented CPE programs for thousands of CPAs over the past 25 years on technology and practice management issues. John is a pioneer in the development and delivery of web based CPE programs. He has presented “live” web CPE events for groups as large as 600+ participants, as well as many small groups. John assisted the Michigan Association of CPAs as an adviser in the development of their web based CPE model.

John’s primary qualification is his passion for helping CPAs achieve greater success by leveraging technology. He has extensive knowledge and experience working with CPAs throughout the country. John resides in Rochester, Michigan with his wife Karen and their two children.

Qualifications and Experience:

•Actively involved in working with local, regional and national CPA firms over the past 25 years. •Facilitated hundreds of planning sessions and retreats to develop strategic plans, technology plans, paperless work flow design, innovative client services and more. •Nationally recognized speaker and author on technology issues impacting the CPA profession. •Monthly host of Document Management to Go (DMS2Go) pod cast sponsored by CPA Technology magazine. •Former national consulting partner with a top 10 CPA firm. •Former CEO of technology training & consulting firm. •Member of the AICPA Business & Industry Hall of Fame. •Past Chair of the Michigan Association of CPAs. •Past member of the AICPA Council and CPE Advisory Committee. •MACPA Innovative User of Technology award.

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