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Employment Law Updates 2024: What You Need to Know | FREE for ISCPA members


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This presentation will provide an update on a number of recent employment law developments that all employers should understand. The following topics will be covered:

  • The new laws covering accommodations for pregnant employees.
  • The salary threshold for highly compensated employees under the FLSA
  • Changes to handbooks and severance agreements following developments from National Labor Relations Board decisions
  • Challenges to the FTC rule barring non-compete agreements


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Leader Bios

Frances Haas, Nyemaster Goode PC

Fran routinely handles complex issues for employers regarding to disability discrimination, the accommodation process, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, Family and Medical Leave Act, equal pay, and wrongful termination. She negotiates collective bargaining agreements on behalf of management, as well as other labor disputes. She also takes on higher education cases in matters involving Title IX, Title VII, the Violence Against Women Act, and the Iowa Civil Rights Act. These cases often involve difficult facts relating to sexual misconduct or assault by employees or students—facts that she understands make people uncomfortable. “There are certain ways to handle cases that have delicate issues, and it often requires a soft touch and a lot of nuance,” she says.
While Fran enjoys litigating, she prefers to help her clients avoid litigation by working through the often complicated maze of employment laws with her clients prior to the development of a claim. For this reason, she emphasizes consulting as soon as an employer identifies the potential for a claim. Whether she consults through a phone call, conducts in-person training, or reviews policies or anticipated employee terminations, she’s with the client from start to finish. “It’s not just about pointing out the problem but getting them to the finish line so they don’t have to worry about it at all.”
In addition, Fran leads webinars and speaks frequently on employment and higher education issues, with an emphasis on mental health and substance abuse issues in the workplace. She also develops robust in-house training for her clients so that all team members are prepared to issue-spot as tricky issues arise.

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